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V3 2023 Hire Vets Now

V3 2023 Hire Vets Now

Virginia’s HIRE VETS NOW events are co-organized by the Virginia Department of Veterans Services and the Virginia Chamber Foundation. HIRE VETS NOW events are networking and job fairs offering veterans, military spouses, and transitioning service members the opportunity to connect with V3 Certified Employers looking to hire. Events are located on Virginia’s military installations across the Commonwealth.

The V3 Program manages employers’ RSVPs for each HIRE VETS NOW event. If you have questions about RSVPing please contact your V3 assigned Regional Program Manager. Contact information is located at:

V3 Certified Employers may attend event at no cost and will receive base access to attend. Participants must have either a SkillBridge opportunity open or job vacancies to fill. Events are not used to solicit services or provide additional resources outside of those authorized by the V3 Program.

Use the form below to provide your organization’s top 5(five) event dates for participation. Slots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Slots will be assigned in order of your choice of ranking. For example: If the first choice is filled, the second choice will be selected. If the first and second choices are filled, the third choice will be selected.

You will be contacted to confirm your slot at least six weeks out from the event date. 

V3 Certified Employer may participate in two events from July-December.



July 20 – Fort Eustis

August 17- Naval Station Norfolk

September 14- Fort Gregg-Adams

September 19- Fort Belvoir

September 20- NoVA (Virtual Event)

September 21- Fort Eustis

September 28- Oceana

October 19- Naval Station Norfolk

November 2- JB Myer-Henderson Hall

November 9- Langley

November 30- Oceana

December 7- Naval Station Norfolk


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