Small Game Wildlife Field Technician, Farmville, VA: We seek field technicians (up to 6 total) to help us capture, sample, and mark animals. Animals will be anesthetized so we can collect swabs for SARS-CoV-2 testing. Additionally, we will be collecting serum samples from these species to test for previous exposure to the virus. Technicians will gain experience using multiple types of live-traps, handle and mark multiple species, collect serum, and anesthetize animals. Technicians will be required to obtain a rabies vaccine prior to handling any bats/mesocarnivores to be provided in Blacksburg at no cost. 

Field work is temporary/seasonal and will occur between April and November. Long days and odd hours will be required and work will be physically demanding. You must be able to lift and carry traps over short distances (up to 500m). Terrain is uneven and requires being able to maneuver with equipment over rocks, logs, and thorny vegetation. Hours and workdays will change depending on the temperature, weather, target species, and capture rates so you must be willing to work a flexible schedule. Technicians must be comfortable working in variable weather (summers can be warm and humid while fall will be much cooler, frequent rainstorms occur) and around ticks. Technicians must be comfortable working at night. Further duties include: entering data into excel spreadsheets, cleaning traps, and organizing equipment. Technician will be required to wear appropriate PPE for target species so you must be willing to work with N95 respirator masks, gloves, and other safety equipment.

Safety Officer, Henrico, VA: Conservation Police Officers patrol the vast and diverse geographical expanses of the Commonwealth. They are ever-vigilant in enforcing the laws related to hunting, fishing, and boating; educating the public; and offering assistance in a wide variety of enforcement activities—all to promote a safe environment for citizens and visitors alike to enjoy the abundant natural resources the Commonwealth has to offer. 

Conservation Police Officers are highly motivated, independent, and well-trained members of the law enforcement community. They are often called upon by other state and local enforcement agencies to assist with various enforcement endeavors, due in part to their ability to deal with a complex array of issues in an expedient and professional manner. Whether working a youth fishing day, tracking a violent offender over rough terrain or providing law enforcement services in the wake of a natural disaster, Conservation Police Officers are always ready and willing to serve. 

Conservation Police Officers are fully certified officers through the Department of Criminal Justice Services, with the authority to enforce all of the laws of Virginia. As Deputy US Fish and Wildlife Special Agents, they may also conduct investigations and cross state lines when violations of federal wildlife laws have been committed.