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About The Program

Certification Process

1. Enroll

Sign up online to join the Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Program at

2. Onboard

Take a one-hour class (in-person or virtually) to learn everything you need to know about V3 membership. Anyone from your organization can attend and there is no limit to the number of times you can receive a training refresher. Register for an upcoming training online at

3. Join

Become a Certified Member with all the privileges and opportunities that the V3 program has to offer- completely free. Your organization’s information and logo will be added to the V3 website.  Your organization’s assigned V3 Employer Liaison will contact you directly to begin to aid you in reaching your employment and training workforce goals.

Download the V3 One-Sheeter

Share information about the Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Program with members of your organization and network.

V3 One-Sheeter – PDF


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