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All DVS team members in the education, transition, and employment programs are teleworking, and are connected via phone and email, and can perform almost all direct-service activities for Veterans and their families during normal working hours.

About The Program

Certification Process

1. V3 Course Completion

V3 Core Curriculum – (One day in-person training or live webinar)
*V3 Training Checklist 

2. Certification Request

Contact your company’s assigned V3 Regional Program Manager (RPM) to submit your V3 Certification Request and required documentation. If you are unsure about your company’s assigned RPM click here.

  1. Submit your company’s official logo- Logos must be at least 260 x 150 in size
  2. Submit your company’s Executive Cover Letter
  3. Annual Hiring Goal

3. Certification Approval

Your company’s assigned RPM will contact you directly once the Governor’s Office and the Virginia Department of Veterans Services Commissioner has approved your request. Certification is active for five years.

Your company will now be able to promote you new certification status by:

  1. Placing the V3 Program logo on your company’s website
  2. Placing the V3 Program logo on company marketing materials
  3. Showing your company’s Certification Seal

*To learn more about the V3 Program Branding Standards click here.

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