Cybersecurity Analyst, Assessment, & Authorization Intern: There is tremendous opportunity and extremely meaningful cybersecurity work related to the upcoming 800-171 requirements and assessments affecting most Primes and Subcontractors for the DoD.  SkillsBridge participants who participate in this program will be offered amazing, high-value training and experience in the CyberAB Assessment Program.   They will learn how to be a part of the program that will ultimately secure our nation’s supply chain.  They will leave as a Certified CMMC Professional.  Once suitability is achieved they will be qualified to be part of the official Assessment Teams.  

They can also use the certification to consult with companies and assist them in getting ready.  For any given company, a CCP can assist with readiness OR be part of the assessment.  Never both for any given company.  

CCPs can go on to attempt the highly regarded Certified CMMC Assessor training and exam track.